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Represents a Command.





  • Constructs a new Command.


    Returns Command


Optional PTYConfig

PTYConfig: PTYConfig | null

Command PTYConfig.

Optional VCRLog

VCRLog: VCRLog | null

Command VCRLog.

Optional alwaysOn

alwaysOn: AlwaysOn | null

Command alwaysOn.

Optional appendMeta

appendMeta: AppendMeta | null

Command appendMeta.

Optional audio

audio: Audio | null

Command audio.

Optional audio2

audio2: Audio2 | null

Command audio2.

Optional auth

auth: Auth | null

Command auth.

Optional body

body: "openChan" | "openChanRes" | "closeChan" | "closeChanRes" | "containerState" | "portOpen" | "toast" | "redirect" | "alwaysOn" | "runMain" | "clear" | "eval" | "result" | "input" | "output" | "error" | "saneTerm" | "resizeTerm" | "state" | "ok" | "persist" | "persistMirror" | "write" | "remove" | "move" | "tryRemove" | "mkdir" | "stat" | "statRes" | "read" | "readdir" | "files" | "file" | "checkChanges" | "changedFiles" | "lintResults" | "runContainedTest" | "testResult" | "debuggerStart" | "debuggerStep" | "debuggerStatus" | "ensurePackages" | "ping" | "pong" | "hello" | "goodbye" | "hint" | "connect" | "send" | "recv" | "disconnect" | "fileAuthReq" | "fileAuthRes" | "mutliFileAuthRes" | "listObjects" | "listObjectsResp" | "ot" | "otstatus" | "otLinkFile" | "otNewCursor" | "otDeleteCursor" | "otFetchRequest" | "otFetchResponse" | "flush" | "debug" | "startVCR" | "readVCR" | "VCRLog" | "auth" | "execInfo" | "subscribeFile" | "fileEvent" | "roster" | "join" | "part" | "exec" | "packageSearch" | "packageSearchResp" | "packageInfo" | "packageInfoResp" | "packageAdd" | "packageRemove" | "packageInstall" | "packageListSpecfile" | "packageListSpecfileResp" | "packageCacheSave" | "chatMessage" | "chatTyping" | "chatScrollback" | "fsSnapshot" | "fsTakeLock" | "fsReleaseLock" | "hasCap" | "pid1Config" | "metrics" | "bootStatus" | "readMeta" | "writeMeta" | "appendMeta" | "audio" | "pprofRequest" | "pprofResponse" | "audio2" | "PTYConfig"

Command body.

Optional bootStatus

bootStatus: BootStatus | null

Command bootStatus.

Optional changedFiles

changedFiles: Files | null

Command changedFiles.


channel: number

Command channel.

Optional chatMessage

chatMessage: ChatMessage | null

Command chatMessage.

Optional chatScrollback

chatScrollback: ChatScrollback | null

Command chatScrollback.

Optional chatTyping

chatTyping: ChatTyping | null

Command chatTyping.

Optional checkChanges

checkChanges: CheckChanges | null

Command checkChanges.

Optional clear

clear: Clear | null

Command clear.

Optional closeChan

closeChan: CloseChannel | null

Command closeChan.

Optional closeChanRes

closeChanRes: CloseChannelRes | null

Command closeChanRes.

Optional connect

connect: Connect | null

Command connect.

Optional containerState

containerState: ContainerState | null

Command containerState.

Optional debug

debug: Debug | null

Command debug.


debuggerStart: string

Command debuggerStart.

Optional debuggerStatus

debuggerStatus: DebugStatus | null

Command debuggerStatus.

Optional debuggerStep

debuggerStep: RunMain | null

Command debuggerStep.

Optional disconnect

disconnect: Disconnect | null

Command disconnect.

Optional ensurePackages

ensurePackages: EnsurePackages | null

Command ensurePackages.


error: string

Command error.


eval: string

Command eval.

Optional exec

exec: Exec | null

Command exec.

Optional execInfo

execInfo: ExecInfo | null

Command execInfo.

Optional file

file: File | null

Command file.

Optional fileAuthReq

fileAuthReq: FileAuthReq | null

Command fileAuthReq.

Optional fileAuthRes

fileAuthRes: FileAuthRes | null

Command fileAuthRes.

Optional fileEvent

fileEvent: FileEvent | null

Command fileEvent.

Optional files

files: Files | null

Command files.

Optional flush

flush: Flush | null

Command flush.

Optional fsReleaseLock

fsReleaseLock: FSLock | null

Command fsReleaseLock.

Optional fsSnapshot

fsSnapshot: FSSnapshot | null

Command fsSnapshot.

Optional fsTakeLock

fsTakeLock: FSLock | null

Command fsTakeLock.

Optional goodbye

goodbye: Goodbye | null

Command goodbye.


hasCap: boolean

Command hasCap.

Optional hello

hello: Hello | null

Command hello.

Optional hint

hint: Hint | null

Command hint.


input: string

Command input.

Optional join

join: User | null

Command join.

Optional lintResults

lintResults: LintResults | null

Command lintResults.

Optional listObjects

listObjects: ListObjects | null

Command listObjects.

Optional listObjectsResp

listObjectsResp: ListObjectsResp | null

Command listObjectsResp.

Optional metrics

metrics: Metrics | null

Command metrics.

Optional mkdir

mkdir: File | null

Command mkdir.

Optional move

move: Move | null

Command move.

Optional mutliFileAuthRes

mutliFileAuthRes: MultiFileAuthRes | null

Command mutliFileAuthRes.

Optional ok

ok: OK | null

Command ok.

Optional openChan

openChan: OpenChannel | null

Command openChan.

Optional openChanRes

openChanRes: OpenChannelRes | null

Command openChanRes.

Optional ot

ot: OTPacket | null

Command ot.

Optional otDeleteCursor

otDeleteCursor: OTCursor | null

Command otDeleteCursor.

Optional otFetchRequest

otFetchRequest: OTFetchRequest | null

Command otFetchRequest.

Optional otFetchResponse

otFetchResponse: OTFetchResponse | null

Command otFetchResponse.

Optional otLinkFile

otLinkFile: OTLinkFile | null

Command otLinkFile.

Optional otNewCursor

otNewCursor: OTCursor | null

Command otNewCursor.

Optional otstatus

otstatus: OTStatus | null

Command otstatus.


output: string

Command output.

Optional packageAdd

packageAdd: PackageAdd | null

Command packageAdd.

Optional packageCacheSave

packageCacheSave: PackageCacheSave | null

Command packageCacheSave.

Optional packageInfo

packageInfo: PackageInfo | null

Command packageInfo.

Optional packageInfoResp

packageInfoResp: PackageInfoResp | null

Command packageInfoResp.

Optional packageInstall

packageInstall: PackageInstall | null

Command packageInstall.

Optional packageListSpecfile

packageListSpecfile: PackageListSpecfile | null

Command packageListSpecfile.

Optional packageListSpecfileResp

packageListSpecfileResp: PackageListSpecfileResp | null

Command packageListSpecfileResp.

Optional packageRemove

packageRemove: PackageRemove | null

Command packageRemove.

Optional packageSearch

packageSearch: PackageSearch | null

Command packageSearch.

Optional packageSearchResp

packageSearchResp: PackageSearchResp | null

Command packageSearchResp.

Optional part

part: User | null

Command part.

Optional persist

persist: File | null

Command persist.

Optional persistMirror

persistMirror: File | null

Command persistMirror.

Optional pid1Config

pid1Config: Pid1Config | null

Command pid1Config.

Optional ping

ping: Ping | null

Command ping.

Optional pong

pong: Pong | null

Command pong.

Optional portOpen

portOpen: PortOpen | null

Command portOpen.

Optional pprofRequest

pprofRequest: PprofRequest | null

Command pprofRequest.

Optional pprofResponse

pprofResponse: PprofResponse | null

Command pprofResponse.

Optional read

read: File | null

Command read.

Optional readMeta

readMeta: ReadMeta | null

Command readMeta.

Optional readVCR

readVCR: ReadVCR | null

Command readVCR.

Optional readdir

readdir: File | null

Command readdir.

Optional recv

recv: Recv | null

Command recv.

Optional redirect

redirect: Redirect | null

Command redirect.


ref: string

Command ref.

Optional remove

remove: File | null

Command remove.

Optional resizeTerm

resizeTerm: ResizeTerm | null

Command resizeTerm.


result: string

Command result.

Optional roster

roster: Roster | null

Command roster.

Optional runContainedTest

runContainedTest: ContainedTest | null

Command runContainedTest.

Optional runMain

runMain: RunMain | null

Command runMain.

Optional saneTerm

saneTerm: SaneTerm | null

Command saneTerm.

Optional send

send: Send | null

Command send.


session: number

Command session.

Optional startVCR

startVCR: StartVCR | null

Command startVCR.

Optional stat

stat: File | null

Command stat.

Optional statRes

statRes: StatResult | null

Command statRes.


state: State

Command state.

Optional subscribeFile

subscribeFile: SubscribeFile | null

Command subscribeFile.

Optional testResult

testResult: TestResult | null

Command testResult.

Optional toast

toast: Toast | null

Command toast.

Optional tryRemove

tryRemove: File | null

Command tryRemove.

Optional write

write: File | null

Command write.

Optional writeMeta

writeMeta: WriteMeta | null

Command writeMeta.



  • toJSON(): {}
  • Converts this Command to JSON.

    Returns {}

    JSON object

    • [k: string]: any

Static create

  • Creates a new Command instance using the specified properties.


    Returns Command

    Command instance

Static decode

  • decode(reader: Reader | Uint8Array, length?: number): Command
  • Decodes a Command message from the specified reader or buffer.


    {Error} If the payload is not a reader or valid buffer


    {$protobuf.util.ProtocolError} If required fields are missing


    • reader: Reader | Uint8Array

      Reader or buffer to decode from

    • Optional length: number

    Returns Command


Static decodeDelimited

  • decodeDelimited(reader: Reader | Uint8Array): Command
  • Decodes a Command message from the specified reader or buffer, length delimited.


    {Error} If the payload is not a reader or valid buffer


    {$protobuf.util.ProtocolError} If required fields are missing


    • reader: Reader | Uint8Array

      Reader or buffer to decode from

    Returns Command


Static encode

  • encode(message: Command, writer?: Writer): Writer
  • Encodes the specified Command message. Does not implicitly verify messages.


    • message: Command

      Command message or plain object to encode

    • Optional writer: Writer

    Returns Writer


Static encodeDelimited

  • encodeDelimited(message: Command, writer?: Writer): Writer
  • Encodes the specified Command message, length delimited. Does not implicitly verify messages.


    • message: Command

      Command message or plain object to encode

    • Optional writer: Writer

    Returns Writer


Static fromObject

  • Creates a Command message from a plain object. Also converts values to their respective internal types.


    • object: {}

      Plain object

      • [k: string]: any

    Returns Command


Static toObject

  • toObject(message: Command, options?: IConversionOptions): {}
  • Creates a plain object from a Command message. Also converts values to other types if specified.


    • message: Command


    • Optional options: IConversionOptions

    Returns {}

    Plain object

    • [k: string]: any

Static verify

  • verify(message: {}): null | string
  • Verifies a Command message.


    • message: {}

      Plain object to verify

      • [k: string]: any

    Returns null | string

    null if valid, otherwise the reason why it is not

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